Suffer No More

Seasonal allergies are a pain in the ear, nose, throat, and more for some 50 million Americans. Find out how you can defend against the general awfuln ...

by Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP

Herbs and Spices: Great for Flavor and Health

An herb garden can do more than just add zest and zing to your dishes; it can also help support immunity and combat inflammation. ...

by Steven D’Antonio, ND, AP

Don’t Eat That, Eat This

Instead of reaching for that processed-sugar snack, pick something ripe and delicious. ...

by Artemis Morris, ND, LAc

Detox Done Right

The key to developing a happy new you is to detoxify, ridding your body of toxins and optimizing your natural healing processes. While so many are get ...

by James E. Lemire, MD, FAAFP, IFMCP

Unplug and Simply Sleep

For decades, we’ve read about the importance of diet and exercise to improve health. Yet, the foundation of health has a third leg that hasn’t been ac ...

by Catherine Darley, ND

Foods That Help Fight Fat

Ready to get healthy? Grab your grocery list and write down these yummy, easy to add ingredients to help you get started on your diet, boost your meta ...

by Tarre Beach, Editor