I have allergies. They are no fun. If you have them too, then you know exactly what I mean. I’ve taken antihistamines— and fell into that sleepy, do-nothing state that comes with them—or haven’t taken them, and practically sneezed myself silly. So I was happily surprised to read Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s story Suffer No More on effective allergy solutions. By following just a few of Dr. Fitzgerald’s 6Rs, I found my eyes watered less, I rarely had sneezing fits, and to top it off, my tummy was more comfy too. Your results may vary, and you should definitely consult with your healthcare practitioner first, but what have you got to lose? I mean you can always have your sniffly, headachy self back anytime you want.

Now I’m enjoying life again. That’s what integrative medicine is all about; getting you back to your life—a life that includes decidedly fewer health problems because you are addressing the causes, not just the symptoms

And if you want to find even more solutions, we offer tips from experts in fitness, functional foods, and chiropractic care. From the immune-boosting properties of garlic in Dr. Steven D’Antonio’s Herbs and Spices: Great for Flavor and Health to The Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America medical contributor Dr. Mark Hyman and his recipe featuring memory-boosting salmon, you are bound to learn something new.

At Personalized Medicine Today, it’s our job to do just that: Give you new information on the how and why of integrative medicine. And more importantly, we hope that you don’t just read the stories in this magazine, but that you talk about all you’ve gleaned here with your practitioner. Because it’s your healthcare professional that knows your health history, including your triumphs and your setbacks, best. And it’s your practitioner who will collaborate with you to get you back outdoors, smiling, and healthy instead of sneezing yourself silly.