I am forgetful—very forgetful. Just ask my husband, or as I sometimes call him, my calendar keeper. All joking aside, I do worry a little about my memory since my mother died from early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 64. But after reading Dr. Ann Shippy’s article (Stop the Brain Drain), I feel like I have a better plan of action to improve my brain health. I meditate daily and eat healthful food. I’ve even signed up for ukulele lessons to keep more neural pathways active. And now, I’m going to start taking extra care about my toxic load, too.

As nutritional counselor and industry pioneer Eve Prang Plews explains (Caring for Patients, Practitioners, and the Planet), big changes usually start small. I may not be using 100% organic, natural household cleaners and cosmetics right now, but at least I can start by eliminating one potentially toxic item and replacing it with a more healthful one. No matter how few healthy products you currently use, the “one at a time” method is a good place to start. Speaking of one at a time, take a look at our functional food recipe featuring a favorite one-a-day food: an apple. In this recipe (Eat Your Apple a Day a Different Way) you’ll learn about the nutritional benefits of apples and get a new savory way to incorporate them into your diet.

We also have stories on many different integrative health topics, including how to reduce inflammation, how men can address hormonal issues as they age (Banish Man Boobs), and how to get back into the swing of things after a physical injury (Don’t Let Injuries Stop You).You could say this issue showcases whole health for the whole body, which is exactly what integrative healthcare is all about. Whether you are a longtime integrative healthcare patient or finally (and maybe even reluctantly) trying something different, we hope this issue will crack open the door to alternative therapies just wide enough for you to start your own journey to achieving your best health yet.