This naturopath helped a teen patient get rid of his eczema and get a new lease on life. He is now less shy and more socially active all because of his successful treatment.


JC, 13 year old male


Patient presented with these chief concerns: eczema, Celiac disease, and constipation. The eczema had persisted since age 2, and it was diffused over the boy’s arms, abdomen, and neck. Celiac disease was diagnosed at age 5. He had eliminated gluten from his diet, but the eczema still persisted. He was very self-conscious at school in front of his peers due to the appearance of his skin.

Labs showed that JC had food allergies of gluten, cashew, corn, oat, pineapple, and rosemary. He also had high lysozyme and secretory IgA, iron deficiency and low vitamin D.

Treatment Plan:

  • OptiCleanse GHI: 1 scoop daily for three months
  • OmegaPure 900 EC: 3 capsules daily ongoing
  • ProbioMax Daily DF: 1 capsule daily for two months
  • D3 5000: 1 softgel daily ongoing
  • Iron Glycinate (29mg): 1 capsule daily for 120 days

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JC had been going to a specialty dermatologist since age 2. His skin lesions were oozing with blood and extremely dramatic.

Visiting a naturopath was this family’s last resort. Once we got his labs and stool analysis, we were sure we would go pretty hard with the supplements and do a leaky gut treatment plan even though he did not have a leaky gut diagnosis. We went with XYMOGEN formulas because they are the best in the business and we wanted to make sure we supplemented his new medical treatment with formulas that might be able to help. When you buy other supplements you don’t know what you are getting, but with XYMOGEN, you know you are getting the best.

JC is now doing great. He has made more friends and become far more social. It is a dramatic difference between the boy who came in to the kid he is like today. He comes in less frequently, which is our main goal with a case like this. He’s on a maintenance plan now and still enjoys the OptiCleanse GHI shake once a week to keep his system up to speed. JC is now a regular, happy-go-lucky kid. We feel overwhelmed with gratitude that we were able to help this family.

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